Studio Potter Display Case

Students and visitors are invited to take a look at our Pottery Display Case, which continuously exhibits studio potter ware made here at the school. It’s located to the right in the main hallway, just past the front office.  Each six weeks or so, the display is updated.  Many of the displays are “theme-related”.  Past exhibits have featured shapes (cylinders, bowls, etc.) a glaze or color (tenmoku, white, blue), a technique (off the wheel, alternative firings) or a central idea (“flower displays”, “in the garden”, “for the birds”, “kiln gods”). At holiday time, the theme is “potpourri” or anything goes.

These displays give the community a chance to see recent work from the pottery as our studio potters explore, play, push, and expand in different directions. Often, pieces in the exhibit are offered for sale, and can be purchased from the office staff.

Pull down the Studio Potter menu to view the current display, or click here on Display Case.

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