Totem Poles For CAW


Looking at the front garden on a snowy winter’s day !

Studio potter Nancy Silipote hopes to create a new look for the garden area in front of CAW. Her vision is to install a group of vertical ceramic assemblies, or what you might call Totem Poles, emerging from the raised bed behind the Tiny Gallery obelisk. Having such freestanding poles, which were first encountered by European explorers of the Pacific Northwest, would continue a long history of monumental sculpture in America.

Nancy’s plan calls for a permanent installation of three totems of different heights looking out over Audubon Street. The totems would consist of individually stacked pottery forms of different colors and shapes assembled on top of one another and randomly placed onto each pole.

Totem Pole Mockup

Totem Pole Mockup

See our example mockup near the pottery door.

Nancy was inspired for the project while reading an issue of Ceramics Monthly years ago, and recently decided that now was the time for action. (Note: We have CM copies routinely available in the studio for anyone to browse.) The individual members or elements of each pole are currently being made by Studio Potters and students in the pottery. Any shape, form, color, or surface is acceptable; in fact, the more diversity the better !

You can be part of the project, too ! Just make a piece with a through-hole size of one inch in diameter (when wet) so that it can be slid onto the stainless steel center shaft. Let any studio potter know when it comes out of the kiln, and we’ll add it to the stack !

Become a part of CAW history, create your own piece for the CAW Totem !

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