Kiln Drying

Forced kiln drying of greenware is only done during the YP camps over the summer. The camps need to have their greenware dried and bisqued at an accelerated rate because they’re only one week long. Kiln temperature should not exceed 200F at any time during the drying cycle. Phoenix, on the far right, is used since it is a smaller downdraft kiln.

Firing Guidelines: 

  • Push the kiln door closed; but not tightly, and do not bolt.
  • Open the damper to 1.5 inches.
  • Light one pilot only.
  • Pyro

    Figure 1. Pyrometer reading 70.9 degrees F in socket T1

    Connect the pyrometer. The yellow thermocouple connector has two prongs: one wide and one narrow. Insert such that the yellow wiring is visible from the top. If inserted backwards, it distorts and can damage the receptacle slots in the pyrometer.

  • Push the On/Off button and the T1 button. Push F/C as needed to read F degrees on the display. A start-up reading should appear as shown in Figure 1; in this case 70.9 degrees F.
  • Check temperature often until it reaches a peak, that is, stops increasing; do not let temperature exceed 200 F.
  • If the temperature is getting too high, pull the door open one inch at a time until it lowers and stabilizes.


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