Studio Potter Exhibit

CAW featured the Studio Potters in an exclusive display during the month of July, 2013. Marilyn Catasus attended the opening, and took a few candid shots to share with our online viewers. Visitors first encountered the show by glancing through the gallery’s front glass from the foyer. It’s sometimes called the small gallery, but it’s formal name is the Creative Works Gallery.
…………………………………………..( Click on any photo to enlarge )

1. Gallery Entrance

View into the Gallery from the Foyer

As visitors entered the gallery, a range of stoneware types, forms, glazes, and surface treatments developed only by the studio potters came into view. Our current president, Violet Harlow, and the gallery coordinator, Abbie Kundishora selected and positioned all the pieces in the show.  The first view of the interior, immediately below, is zoomed-out to give you an overall sense of the exhibit.  The gallery forms an intimate, enclosed setting that allows visitors to casually focus on each piece, promoting a quiet time where you can view at your own pace.

pottery (1 of 1)-7

The Studio Potter Exhibit Opening, July 2013

The next view is a closer look at the rear wall of the gallery. The top center shelf holds a traditional Islamic form overglazed with an asian mountain scene. Then, just below it, a grecian vase with modern brush patterns and ash highlights. Two raku vases sit to the left, each with a crackle glaze and prominent craze pattern. Top left, notice the cup & bowl set; with blue circular and egg-shaped patterns randomly spaced in a gloss white background which covers both inner and outer surfaces.

2a. Rear Case

Rear Display Case

On the center shelf of the next case (shown below) a circular porcelain platter with prominent finger grooving appears on the right, glazed in celedon and highlighted with a tenmoku rim. A 3″ colonial-style candle holder is located in the center, it’s glazed in midnight blue. On the left, two 4″ stoneware cups with loop handles lean toward one another; each glazed in a gloss white / midnight blue combination, a midnight blue roundel, and a central abstract image.

The lower shelf features a bowl with four mugs, all glazed in tenmoku with rims over-glazed with opalescense.

Moving to the top shelf, a cylindrical birdhouse with a string-tied cover is presented on the right.  Then a ‘Sugar & Creamer’ set glazed in tenmoku is displayed on the left .

3. Side Shelf

Side Display Case

The front case at the gallery entrance held a mix of porcelain and stoneware pieces, some pit fired and some standard kiln fired.

4. Front Shelf

Front Display Case

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