Practice Time

Each student is entitled to three hours of practice time each week during the term. A studio potter will be there to open the studio, monitor the practice and clean-up, assist students when asked, sell tools, and close at the scheduled times. Each semester, the studio potters update a flyer with times available for practice, and place a quantity of them on the center table.

Students may work only during the scheduled practice hours listed on the Home page. Practice time cannot be accumulated from week-to-week. Practices are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wheels and work areas should remain available for as many people as possible and should not be occupied or held unless they are actively being used.

Although you may have a favorite wheel, you should become familiar with the other types in the studio, because your usual wheel may be occupied when you arrive for practice. Wheels cannot be reserved. No-one has “rights” to a specific wheel or location because they usually use it. While you are actively using a wheel, you cannot be “bumped” from it until you clean and leave it to glaze or do other work.

Please do not bring visitors, non-students, or children to work with you in the studio; only students are entitled to use studio equipment. Also, please do not bring pets with you to practice.

Practice time may be preempted for special workshops; such changes will be listed in the CAW Term Brochure and/or posted on the Home page practice schedule

Also, sometimes short notice, rare events occur that lead to a practice cancellation, so it’s always best to check the online practice schedule, particularly if you have a long distance to travel, before coming in.


Paid Intersession Practice Time

Periodically, we are able to offer intersession practices. They provide students with the opportunity for extra time in the pottery in between semesters, when the studio is normally closed. They are voluntarily run by the studio potters, so the schedule is not the same as the normal semester sessions.  All funds raised from the practice fees go to the general support of Creative Arts Workshop.

……………………………… ………….Intersession Practice Policies

  1. The practice schedule will be posted on both studio doors, as well as on the home page; but is subject to change on short notice.
  2. During the first week of the intersession, students are free to finish glazing bisqueware made during the previous session.
  3. For students who wish to throw, trim, or do any other work in the studio, there is a charge of $20 (for 3 hour sessions), or $10 (for 1.5 hour sessions).
  4. The fees will be collected in the studio by the studio potter on duty. Costs are not prorated for time spent in the studio.
  5. The intersession practices are not intended as free make-ups for missed classes or normal semester practices.
  6. Students may come in to purchase fired ware at any time during an intersession practice.







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