Revision: 2003


of the

Revision: 2003


I.            General Organization:

The Studio Potters of the Creative Arts Workshop is an organization of persons who are responsible for supporting the development of CAW and its students, and running the pottery.  They are entitled to the use of pottery facilities. The group is limited in size to 18 members except under special circumstances.
To ensure the proper functioning of the studio, the Studio Potters will hold monthly meetings except during the summer to discuss studio business. Members will evaluate themselves and fellow studio potters each spring. The committees will be reorganized and new officers elected every year. It is understood that the needs of the students have priority over those of the Studio Potters.

II.            Membership:

A.    New members will be recommended to the program by the pottery teachers and studio potters. The SPs will choose from among the recommended applicants to fill vacant positions. Acceptance is subject to the approval of the Studio Potters and the Department Chairperson.
B.     Persons can be recommended only after completing at least two semesters of pottery study at CAW.
C.      Attending each meeting is a responsibility of the SP.
D.     Continued membership is contingent upon an annual peer evaluation.

III. ……. Fees and Courses:

A.     SPs will pay the dues proposed by the administration in two equal installments.
B.     SPs will automatically become members of CAW without further fee and with all privileges thereof.


IV.        Duties of the Studio Potter and Role of the Students:

Studio Potters:

A.   Each SP will fire bisque and glaze kilns, mix glazes, inventory materials when necessary, and help keep the pottery clean and in good order. Chairpersons will coordinate the above activities. All SPs must take turns participating in all activities on a rotating basis.
B.    The SPs will clean the studio before each semester and as needed. Each SP must share equally in the cleanup.
C.    Each SP will sign-up to monitor weekly practice sessions of students every session. Studio potters are responsible for procuring another studio potter to cover any practice session they cannot cover.
D.   SPs will sell tools during the first class meeting of each semester and thereafter, when needed.
E.    SPs will be responsible for closing the pottery on Sundays and any other times that no office staff or faculty is in the building. No students are allowed in the pottery without the supervision of a SP.
F.    Each SP is expected to work on the average about four hours per week at the studio.


A.    Pottery teachers will ensure that their students clean up after themselves, i.e., wash wheels, wipe down glaze tables, wash wedging boards, recycle clay and generally keep the pottery in good order.
B.     Students shall be encouraged to participate in all of the activities of the pottery. Stacking and firing kilns can take place only under the supervision of the teachers or SPs.  Students must ask for permission to mix glazes.

V.  ….. Privileges and Responsibilities of the Studio Potters:

A.   The pottery will be open seven days a week during the school year.   The month of August shall be subject to annual review, depending upon security measures, for the use of the SPs, who will have keys to the building.  Keys will be collected from SPs who are leaving.
B.    SPs will have their own section of the pottery with their own shelves.  SPs may use all other equipment in the pottery, unless students are waiting to use it.  In such a case, SPs will defer to the needs of the students.
C.     SPs will pay for their finished work and their tools at a lower rate than students.  Each fired piece of pottery must be weighed and priced before it leaves the studio.
D.    At times when the building is not otherwise in use, the SPs present will be responsible for making sure that all ground-floor doors to the building are locked when they leave.
E.     All SPs will have the choice of offering items for sale in the SP display cabinet.
F.     CAW is an educational organization, not a production studio. The facilities will be used as such. The workshop offers the opportunity to learn enough to set up a private studio. A SP using the studio for production will be asked to cut down or resign as a SP. Production, or the monopolizing of wheels, shelf or kiln space, will be determined by the group if and when a complaint arises.
G.    It is a privilege to be a Studio Potter. Part of the SPs responsibility lies in a commitment to his/her own work and the desire to grow and develop as a potter.



A.   The president will oversee class monitoring and attendance at cleanups and meetings. The committee chairpersons will notify members who are not fulfilling their responsibilities.
B.    A self-evaluation using the standard format will take place at the end of the spring semester.
C.    An individual who determines s/he is not fulfilling the requirements will have 6 months to fulfill the requirements of being in good standing.  If at the end of 6 months, the requirements are still not fulfilled, the individual will be expected to resign voluntarily.


VII. ……Bylaws:

These bylaws shall be reviewed at the end of each spring session. Changes in the bylaws may be adopted by a 2/3 vote and the approval of the CAW administration and the pottery department head.




1.     Prepares agenda and calls SP meetings.
2.     Monitors practice schedules.
3.     Acts as liaison between department head and SPs
4.     Prepares clean-up and practice schedules.
5.     Is a “floating member” of all committees. Fills in when needed.


1.     Takes and posts minutes and attendance records of all meetings
2.     Keeps and posts up-to-date list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of SPs
3.     Substitutes for President during his/her absence
4.     Keeps bulletin board up to date.
5.     Coordinates library.


1.     Manages bookkeeping function, preparing the ledger, reconciling bank statements, and paying bills.
2.     Is responsible for petty-cash fund.
3.     Prepares financial report at end of each semester to be presented at SP meeting.
4.     Handles magazine subscriptions.
5.     Calculates and pays sales taxes to the State
6.     Coordinates financial aspects of the sales with purchasing person.


1.     Purchases and inventories studio pottery-related supplies
2.     Prepares tool kits.
3.     Coordinates financial aspects of tool sales with treasurer.

Committee Chairperson:

1.    Trains new members of committee.
2.    Schedules committee’s activities; supervises and coordinates members.
3.    Keeps department head informed of need for supplies.
4.    Reports to the president and department head any serious problems within the committee.
5. Specific duties:
………..Bisque: …………..Keeps schedules and logs of all bisque firings.
………..Glaze firing: …..Keeps schedules and logs of all glaze firings.
………..Glaze Mixing: ..Takes inventory of glaze and clay materials to be presented to department head within one week of end of semester.


Non Bylaw Items

Requirements to remain in good standing as a studio potter:
1.   Attend in person or over telephone at least 50% (5) of all meetings every year (spring to spring).
2.    The studio potter group will endeavor to meet at times that do not preclude an individual from attending at least 50% of meetings.
3.    After two years as a studio potter, an individual will have the capability to carry out all of the key functions of running a studio.  This includes, but is not limited to, lighting/programming kilns, firing kilns, loading and unloading kilns, making glazes, keeping inventory full, participating in studio cleanups, etc.

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