Obligations and Perks

Summary of Studio Potter Obligations & Perks.

Obligations: 3 to 4 hours weekly performing studio chores:

  • Monitor 3 hours of practice
  • Attend studio potter meetings
  • Check kilns (glaze & bisque) i.e. load, unload, record activity, vacuum, clean kiln shelves, make kiln wash
  • Check your glaze(s) and make it if it is below 1/3 of a bucket
  • Clean: i.e. pick up, straighten up, put away, and wash
  • Make cone packs
  • Check To-Do list on bulletin board and periodically do one
  • Read communication book
  • Light gas kilns
  • Fire gas kilns
  • Monitor Friday night Open Studio (2 or 3 times per year)
  • Studio clean-up in August – 6 hours
  • Clean-up after yourself
  • Glaze unclaimed pots for seconds shelf or Bowl-a-thon


  • Use of the reserved Studio Potter area 24/7 (except during workshops)
  • 10% discount on classes and workshops
  • 50% discount on tools (except sponges, brushes, or teapot handles)
  • 50% discount on fired ware
  • Ability to use clay other than studio clays
  • Ability to make and try glazes other than studio glazes
  • Two large shelves in the Studio Potter area
  • Display and sell pottery in the Hall Case

Dues: $200 twice a year (May and November)


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