Our Heavy-Weight Shipping Scale

Jship Scale The studio has a Jennings J Ship 130 shipping scale (pictured right) for weighing extra heavy items. It’s located on the right top shelf as you enter the clay storage room. The scale can handle up to 130 pounds, almost double the top weight of our pricing scale (glaze room), which is 66 pounds.
The unit has a 12 x 15 inch Weighing Platform, and a hand-held Digital Readout connected to it with a six foot coil cord. There’s a TARE button on the Digital Readout that can “zero out” existing weight on the scale – more on that below. Also, the scale can be programed to turn off automatically, or to stay on indefinitely.

Scale Specifications:

.Mode: Maximum Weight: Resolution: Minimum Weight:
Pounds ……..130.0 lb     0.1 lb          1.0 lb
Kilograms …….60.00 kg   0.05 kg          0.5 kg
Simply plug in the power cord, and push the ON switch on the Digital Readout. 
The readout should flash all 8’s during its self-test, and then indicate all zero’s when it’s ready for service.
Press the Mode button to toggle between pounds and kilograms.
………………..Note:  .. 1 kilogram = 1000 grams
………………………………..1 pound = 454 grams

Scale Use:
Place items to weigh directly onto the platform from above; that is, don’t slide items onto the scale.  Wait a couple seconds for the mechanics to stabilize, then read the weight.
When using the scale, observe the following two cautions :  
………………………….1.  Keep the Digital Readout unit dry.
………………………….2. .Avoid putting pressure on the edge of the Weighing Platform.

If there’s a series measurements to take, as in a multi-ingredient glaze, place an empty mixing bucket on the scale, and press the “Tare” button. The digital readout then subtracts the weight of the bucket and returns to zero. Next, weigh the first ingredient and press Tare again. The readout will again return to zero, at which point you can weigh the next ingredient. Continue in like manner until all the ingredients have been added.

Get help lifting the mixing bucket if you need it. Do not slide the bucket off the scale.

The scale is accurate to the nearest 50 grams, or 0.1 pounds for weights greater than its minimum – which is 1.0 pounds. Don’t use it to weigh small amounts. As a rule, use it only for measurements in the order of five pounds or above, so that the error is never more than about 2%.

JShip Manual
Click on this link to download more details in a .pdf version of the operating manual:…..Jship Operating Manual..Jship Operating Manual